Tuesday, May 20, 2008

China India fighting over FINGER POINTING

The news just in says that China has attempted encroachment and laying claim to an area in North Sikkim, called the "Finger Area".

My first reaction.. WOW!!! Can they get away with such a name? Does it NOT have any other nomenclature / Is it not known by any other name? Something more polite/decent?

Its like mapping out distant galaxies like "NGC 4567 and NGC 4568" in the VIRGO constellation. How do they get away naming places after appendages and body parts.

I was curious to understand more about the Finger Area. Unfortunately I came up empty handed as this "area falls north of Gyangyong in Sikkim and overlooks a valley known as the Sora Funnel, and is considered a strong defensive position to ward off any move by China to enter the Sikkim plateau.". The name "Finger Area" has been given by the Indian ARMY.

It almost sounds like a title for a bad porn movie or an area where a practicing proctologist would get rash.

Finally the Indian army has woken up and is creating a permanent post in the "Finger Area".

Better late than never and its not late to start anyways. But we should learn our lessons of the past. Infact, it looks like we have learn very little from the 1962 experience. Maybe for most politician 1962 seems like a distant memory but it would be wise coz it is an experience not worth forgetting.

This is an image that our minds conjure up most when we hear the words "Finger Point"..

Hindi - Chini - Kum - Bhai!!!!!!!!!!!! FINGER THAT ONE OUT.. :-)


Anonymous said...

Surely India has not learned enough from the 1962 experience. China is spending millions of dollars on infrastructure along its border with India, but India is not matching with the same scale.
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vinnie said...

India is not showing enough opposition to China's misdeeds as it is doing over Pakistan's. China is actually paying lip service for a good neighborly relationship, but it is actually acting as a big brother who is wanted to make India accept everything to its terms. Millions of people in the border areas are going to suffer.
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