Friday, September 7, 2007

Decline in the State Sex Ratio

The 2001 Census recorded 875 as the state Sex Ratio (the number of females per 1000 males). It’s a decline from 878 recorded in the previous census in 1991. While the state does us proud in terms of increase in the literacy rate, the slight decline in the sex ratio somewhat concerns…

We seem to stand much below the national average of 933, which is an improvement of 6 points over 927 recorded in 1991. Like the 1991 Census, the highest sex ratio (1058) was reported in Kerala and Haryana (861) the lowest.

The numbers recorded in Haryana doesn’t surprise me at all. We all have read and seen so much about the female foeticide in the states like Haryana, Punjab, Bihar and UP from decades. Unfortunately, we know its nothing but the repercussions of the heinous crime committed decades ago, which sadly still continues.

But the question that comes to me now is – but what about Sikkim? Why so low? Why the decline?
We have never heard of female foeticide in our state! Nor I think any such case has been reported so far. This just makes me vaguely wonder if this atrocious crime is also happening at our homes covertly.