Monday, February 2, 2009

India the home of Millionaire Slumdog

All the hype and hoopla surrounding the awards and nominations for Slumdog Millionaire one can't help but wonder how Danny BOYle did it...

Its got the same masala and gimmickry that Hindi movies have had for ages.
How a child who grew up in the slums of Mumbai goes to win 2 Crores in his adolescence.
A typical fairly tale. A story of hope, aspiration and fortune.

An underlying message of positivity at a time when Mumbai has just been violated and maimed by the KASAB clique.

Slumdog Millionaire provide us an aspiration and show us a path for the world pursuits.
Qualities that are aspirational in this material world we live in.

In the past this country has been inspired and lead by people who have given up all material pursuits - Buddha/Mahatma Gandhi BTW both were NRI.

People who have given up their millions and inheritance and all worldly pursuits to lead a life of an ascetic.

Living for a bigger purpose a purpose larger than self /self indulgence and loathe.

They were the Millionaire Slumdogs - people who had their millions and yet left for greater pursuits than their own selves.

Buddha was a Prince and heir to a huge empire.
Mahatma Gandhi was a successful Barrister educated in London and South Africa @ a time where common people would never even travel beyond the vicinity of their villages.

Yet they chose the lives of simplicity and renunciation and changed the world with their ideas.
They are the originals. They are the true Millionaire Slumdogs.