Friday, July 20, 2007


"The sense of development of the the present policy makers is much to be desired and it is scarySikkim does not need a broad gauge train. As it is the monsoons cause havoc and the roads keep getting blocked.
I am sure there will be major accidents.
Rangpo will be like any other train station in India with the typical calls and cries of " chai"..."chai"......hordes of people coming in for god know what........Maybe this train service will do to Sikkim what the Beijing Train service did.....I mean..why cant we have a toy train the Kalka Simla or the Darjeeling one. I dont see nay logic in a Broad Gauge service to Sikkim and to Nathula, they must be crazy!As for the tunnel, what can i say.

The President of the Sikkim Chamber of Commerce only cares for the moneyy, not the fragile ecology. Looks like he's very inspired by the Chinese feat of Engineering. A tunnel to Yakthung!!!!!!!!!!!ha !! ha!!! ha!!! ha!!!!!!I'm seriously going crazy in this place!!! Nobody wants to tALK SENSE ANYMORE!!!"

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